11 celebrities that hate being so

Fame can come with a lot of luxuries, but for many celebrities, this kind of life can make them feel too overwhelmed.

They constantly have to live under the eyes of the critics and have to deal with the people that are always looking to find out and publish all about their private stuff.

As spectators we cannot possibly know how much these stars suffer by this.

Only with interviews and posts on social networks can we know how difficult it is for them to live under so much pressure.

Here are a few examples of the celebrities that don’t love being so:

1) Jennifer Lawrance

She revealed on an interview that she’d love to control the way they take pictures of her. She thinks it’s annoying that people know she’s worn the same jeans three times that week!

2) Chris Evans

3) Shailene Woodley

4) George Clooney

He says he likes to walk in Central park as normal people do. Like he used to do. He hasn’t done it in 15 years!

5) Kristen Stewart

She thinks that fame is the worst thing ever! Having that much human energy that trusts you and alizes you in a critical way can obviously destroy you.

6) Johnny Depp

He thinks that living as a celebrity feels a little like being a fugitive. It’s all about a strategy. From leaving the hotel room than going to a restaurant and then leaving it.

7) Megan Fox

8) Robert Pattinson

9) Justin  Bieber

He says that people look at the glamour as something impressive, but what they don’t see is that it can destroy your whole life.

10) Zach Galifianakis

He thinks that being a celebrity is lame. He likes being an actor but being famous turns him into a thing. He prefers doing his work and then going home.

11) Brad Pitt

He thinks the publicity machine is out of control! Brad hasn’t ever understood why his personal life is questioned every time he promotes and movie!

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