3 best cartoons of all times

Remember how in the 90s there was a channel called Cartoon Network that exclusively dedicated itself to showing kids the best cartoons that there are around? Well, that channel still exists but honestly, I started to question what they are thinking just by watching the cartoons and shows they have now.

Definitely there is nothing better than cartoons from the 90s. And in this post, I want to show you the cartoons that I consider to have stood the test of time and still hold a deep, special place in the heart of its fans. So, here are the best ones according to my opinions!

1. The Rugrats

This is a cartoon that I consider to be really great. The reason why is that you get to see the adventures a child gets to have and see it all from a child’s point of view. Also, as you grow, you will see how you still understand this cartoon from an adult’s point of view and still find this cartoon as cute and funny as it can be.

Even though the Rugrats are long gone, you can still find their episodes anywhere online! So, there are no excuses for you!

2. Spongebob Squarepants

Not everyone might agree with me when I say this cartoon is really great but, if you really think about it, this show has definitely reached a wide variety of people. So, the show’s creators are surely doing something right as the show’s audience keep coming back for more.

SpongeBob and Patrick may be as dumb as sack of potatoes but, their dumbness is definitely fun to watch.

3. The Simpsons

This show has been around for as long as I can remember. And it will probably be around for many more years.

Obviously, this cartoon is more on the adult side of things but, the things that happen in that show are so relatable to today’s world events people have come to the conclusion that this show is predicting the future.

It is crazy how they have predicted some events that we actually thought to be crazy and that would never happen.

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