3 celebrities that apparently decided to ditch Hollywood

The Hollywood world can actually be kind of hard right? Who can actually blame celebrities when they just decide to hang their boxing gloves and start living a normal life?

If celebrities are ever going through some personal issues, not only do they have to deal with them like any other human being would but on top of that, they have to deal with these issues in front of the cameras.

Some actually succeed at keeping their life away from the cameras and still remain famous and intact but most, cannot keep secrets from the Hollywood scene.

And since we are only human, some celebrities end up deciding to step out of the Hollywood scene and actually focus on themselves. Now, who are those celebrities that have stepped out lately? This is what I want to mention in this post!

1.Jack Nicholson

I can actually understand why this guy has disappeared from the spotlight lately. I mean, in case you have not noticed, he is clearly aging.

Who would want to spend their retirement years working their butt off as if they are still teenagers?

He is actually around that time where he should just enjoy all the fortune he made giving us all those great movies so, cut this guy a break!

2.Amanda Bynes

I think all of you can agree with me when it say it was definitely necessary for Amanda Bynes to step out of the celebrity world to deal with her personal issues right?

I honestly think there is nothing funny about people going through mental health issues and just imagine being famous and having to go through them in from of the cameras. You would have even more reasons to go insane honestly.

3.Jared Leto

He is obviously still famous and is very active on social media. But this does not mean that he clearly has not been showing new projects lately and I kind of find that to be kind of awesome as celebrities are people too and they need to focus on themselves from time to time!

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