3 Keys to understand Coco´s success at the Oscars

A simple story with a clear message filled with family values

I am still waiting for someone to tell me that him /her didn´t like Coco. Perhaps I´m not that popular or maybe I don´t know that much people, who knows?

However, for all those I do know I can assure you they loved it. A recurrent comment among those who watched the film; if it was a parent “I couldn’t help to shed a tear” if it was a son/daughter “Coooool, loved the music and the skeletons”.

At some point, I started to watch the trailers to see if somehow, a pattern was inserted to get the same response in almost every person I asked, and surprisingly I found nothing, none, zip, and zero.

To me this could only have one simple explanation; people really liked the film, plain and simple.

What could have caused this?

From the beginning of the movie you are bombarded with the importance of family, of family support, and the concept of total commitment family member owe to each other.

If you are part of a dysfunctional family you get an idea of how a family should treat each other, if you are not, you are totally at one with the situation.

Another thing people probably didn´t notice is the simplicity of the story. Today even animated film has a sometimes a very complicated plot. If you need to apply your experience as an adult to understand, a movie originally designed for children, that´s not a good sign.

Coco is totally the opposite, kids’ get it really get it. Not only the plot but also the whole concept, and that my friends, it is priceless.

A film for both parents and sons

It was funny to watch in the theater, parents totally engaged with the movie from their own point of view.

On the other hand, watching the children enjoying the movie, the colors, the music, and everything related to it, and even when surely they did that at a different level, it didn´t take a single bit of joy from their faces, the satisfaction was indescribable.

Parents crying (in a good way) and children laughing, a combination rarely seen.

Cheerful music

I personally came out the theater humming the songs and impressed me that some children had already memorized the songs.

Probably, this can be ascribable to the trailers but no matter the reason, the message came through and very effective.

The different versions of “Remember Me” were so good; sometimes it is hard to remember (see the irony?) if it was a love song, or a “Ranchera” or a pop song, I will say it was all in one (very, very difficult to pull off, if you are also a musician you know what I mean).

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