3 Reasons why videogames aren’t so bad after all.

You won’t find a house that doesn’t have any kind of console or computers in the world of today.

No matter the age, either young or adult people can spend lots of hours playing any videogame, whether it’s on the computers or any other device, just like mobiles or tablets.

Only few people have really stopped to actually think about whether everything that surrounds the use of videogames brings advantages to those who play them, or if they are only characterized by its advantages.

We actually live in the cybernetic age, so what we recommend for you is to be aware of all the things the technology (such as videogames) can give you!

Here are the 3 things you did not know about video gaming:

1)  They may help people overcome dyslexia!

Attention difficulties are the key component of dyslexia, some research has pointed out.

Studies made had shown that dyslexics improved their reading comprehension following sessions of games heavy on action.

Researchers believe that this happens because, when playing videogames, the people have to maintain intense focus due to constantly changing environments.

2) You might get a career boost!

Scientists believe that players can display a correlating motivation in their real-world career goals due to certain genres of games that reward and encourage leadership.

Improvising in a game can be reflexed on the swiftness of your feet when an office crisis crops up.

3) They make kids physical!

There are games in which you have to move your body so you can win on it! But it doesn’t mean the rest of the videogames aren’t really made for this physical purpose. They do! A simple handheld controller can lead to physical activity.

Sport games that involve soccer, basketball, tennis, or even skateboarding can actually lead kids and young people to practice those same skills outdoors!

Now, as you may have heard, Minecraft is a very famous videogame which consists in building things up with blocks in an open world. It’s a game thought for all ages!

The thing is that sometimes you might need some little help from game servers hosting, so you and your friends can enjoy the fullest.

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The features overview

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And, as if wasn’t enough alredy…

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