3 tips to have small talk with anyone.

We’ve all feared of the “awkward silence” when talking to anybody, especially with a stranger. And it’s natural.

It’s actually pretty normal to feel that way a couple of times, but it shouldn’t be a constant fear.

Human begins are different from animals because we can think over things. In order to live we need to communicate. Some people fail in communicating and never get the chance to feel heard; this is because of all the prejudice people have towards starting a small talk.

If you’re the type of person that’s a little introverted and prefers than this is just the article you need to read.

The success in a small talk domain is just like any other kind of success in a social situation such as online chat rooms, job interviews and social networking. The first thing you need to do is to basically find a topic to talk about with the people you’re trying to have a conversation with.

We’ve enlisted some few tips that may help you out when having a small talk with anybody so you can stay as far as you can to that “awkward silence”:

1)       You got to listen!

It comes naturally for anyone to try to fill up the “dead moments” with chatter about you, and sometimes is not good.

Better than talking, try to listen. Only that way both sides are going to understand each other better and it’s more likely for both sides to have a good conversation.

Try to let everybody talk first, try to listen to every single word they say and reply to them the most politely way possible.

2)       Keep up with the news!

The best way to have a good conversation with anybody is to keep up with all the current events of the country or in the world.

To actually know about at lot of news allows you to have an opinion about different topics and will make you have even more interesting conversations with anybody.

3)       Don’t assume things!

Don’t ever let your thoughts judge anyone. Don’t ever judge anybody, and don’t ever assume they have to think just like you.

People not necessarily are going to agree with all you say at all times. And it’s ok. Debate is good for the soul. It keeps the small talk even more interesting.

Meeting new people and have a small talk with them isn’t everyone’s strong suite. If you follow these simple tips, we’re sure you’ll be talking with everybody!

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