5 books for entrepreneurs to read in January

New year, new month, new habits …

The beginning of each month offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate habits that enhance our entrepreneurial skills.

Why not incorporate into our routine the habit of reading a book per week – or better yet, five per month?

Here we show you five recently launched books that would enrich your training as a business person.

You can read them in the order you want, but do not forget to read them all…

Feed your brain, by David Perlmutter, ed. Grijalbo

More than an aspiration, the health of our brain should be the starting point of our lives.

And is that not all entrepreneurship starts from the brain, from a disruptive idea that later becomes reality?

The author of this book, a renowned doctor, is based on the findings of recent scientific studies, which show that food and the brain have a much closer relationship than we think.

Perlmutter demonstrates that what we eat can determine our mood, our energy and even our level of creativity.

Also, suggest some basic eating habits to improve your mental health for life.

The Kamasutra of innovation, by Jorge Cuevas, ed. Grijalbo

What is the basis of all entrepreneurship? The innovation that allows us to find new ways to meet the needs of our consumers.

In this sense, it is important that, from time to time, we give a “help” to our creative thinking to avoid stagnation.

This book offers some techniques (based on four “mental positions”) designed to improve your mental flexibility and find solutions never before imagined.

Leaders eat at the end, by Simon Sinek, ed. Active Company

A leader is a figure of authority per se, and does not need to impose himself on others so that his decisions are respected.

But what are the attitudes that allow leaders to consolidate as such in front of a work team?

Sinek, an English writer and motivator, set out to unravel why some teams work well and others do not – or, to put it another way, why some leaders know how to lead a team and others do not.

How can a leader earn the trust of his subordinates? This book offers some revealing keys.

Redefines success, by Arianna Huffington, ed. Aguilar

What does “being successful” mean to you? To have a business that offers good profits, to be recognized in your professional field, to have a thousand and one projects to be done?

For Ariana Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post, success is much more than that.

How to avoid falling into exhaustion so typical of this era? How to manage a successful business without becoming its slave? In this work, Huffington proposes a new path towards welfare.

The small book of 500 words to look more cultured, by Miguel Sosa Lázaro, ed. Martinez Roca

Have you ever been impressed by someone’s way of speaking?

To tell the truth, an extensive vocabulary could help us to project a much more professional image and to instill confidence in a possible client or partner.

In this book, the author collects 500 unusual words, explains them and explains how they could be used in a business context to make a lasting impact on our interlocutors.

Undoubtedly, this work is a valuable networking tool.

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