5 Things To Know About Grocery Stores In Iceland

Grocery stores in Iceland are absolutely essential to visit if you are spending a long period of time in the country or if you are trying to see Iceland on a budget. While everyone knows that going out to eat while visiting is ultra expensive, no one really talks about grocery stores in Iceland. I am here to tell you that Icelandic grocery stores are actually really great and not scary at all for foreigners. Don’t believe me? Just read on and you’ll be easily and quickly convinced!


All grocery stores in Iceland are not created equal

Whether you are venturing to south Iceland or driving the whole Ring Road, it is important to recognize that not all grocery stores in Iceland are created equal. If you can, do the majority of your shopping in Reykjavik and just pick up perishables from other stores. Some grocery stores in Iceland offer a ton of selections while others are no larger than a gas station store. Despite this fact, all Icelandic grocery stores offer fresh produce, frozen goods, and dry foods. The difference will be in selection, size, and price.


You don’t have to bring your own bag

Unlike Aldi and many stores in Europe, grocery stores in Iceland provide their shoppers with free bags upon checkout. If you don’t get why this is such a big deal, then you have never shopped at a store that requires customers to bring their own bags or pay.


Grocery stores in Iceland offer tons of recognizable brands

Brand snobs rejoice! Grocery stores in Iceland cater to their many tourist shoppers by offering tons of brands we all know! From Doritos and Lays to recognizable frozen and canned food brands, there are plenty of options for those who want a taste of home. The country receives a ton of visitors from America, Europe, and Asia, and grocery stores in Iceland do a great job stocking some items that will remind us all of home.


Grocery stores in Iceland really aren’t that expensive

Grocery stores in Iceland are actually super affordable places for foreigners to shop. Unlike almost everything else in Iceland [gas, liquor, accommodations, dining out], prices at grocery stores in Iceland are relatively similar to shopping at your average store in America or Europe. For example, frozen pizza may cost $4-5 USD, chips cost $2 USD, and bread costs $3. All super reasonably priced when you consider that a simple hot dog and a drink can cost $15 USD from a gas station.

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