6 World’s Most Famous Philosophers of All Time

So many philosophers out there, yet do you know why they became so famous? Not everyone does actually, and some people don’t know any philosophers. If you’d like to learn more keep reading!

Most of them left us with a legacy that made a huge impact on people, and in philosophy.


1) Starting off with Abdolkarim Soroush

Abdolkarim Soroush was born on December 16th 1945. He is also a famous thinker and reformer. He became well-known, yet hated in Iran. Such hate was thanks to articles he wrote related to tolerance, clericalism, hermeneutics, and religious pluralism.

He managed to bridge the separation between your interpretation of religion and the actual interpretation. He also made a contribution to the philosophy in Iran. The most important work made by him was creating an entirely new definition of religious philosophy.

Abdolkarim Soroush has written 25 books. The most popular books are “What Is Science, What Is Philosophy”, “Satanic Ideology”, “Tolerance And Governance”, and “Intellectualism And Religious Conviction”.

Both Soroush and his family were tortured by political and radical Iranian groups.


2) Abraham Joshua Heschel

Heschel was born on December 23rd 1907. Heschel made as a way of life Judaism. Heschel believed the divine can only be experienced by serving the living. He also believed that a relation with the almighty is obtained via good deeds. His most unforgettable work was called Torah Min HaSHamayim.


3) Adam Smith

Born on June 16th 1723 Adam Smith is a well-known philosopher and economist. He wrote a book called “The Wealth of Nations”. Another major work from Smith is called “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”. Smith was recognized as the father of modern economics.

In his book The Wealth of Nations, he talked about what’s the nature and cause of a country’s prosperity. He also talked about smuggling, which at the time it was against the law. He defends smuggling saying it is a legitimate activity against what he considered unnatural legislation.


4) René Descartes

Descartes was known for the analytical geometry that he created, based on the Cartesian coordinate system. Thanks to his creation he is known as “the father of modern philosophy”. Rene Descartes was also known for discovering the laws of refraction and reflection. The superscript notation was invented by him.

To René Descartes, philosophy is a belief system filled with knowledge. He wrote many philosophical books one of them sparked his fame, which is called “Discourse on the Method”.


5) Socrates

Born in 469 BC, he was a famous Greek philosopher. He was known for his work called Socratic Method. The method allowed him to use it to examine concepts like goodness and justice. The Socratic Method solves problems by creating various questions. The answers of all the questions let the seeker find the answer it truly needed.


6) Aristotle

You may have heard of Aristotle quite a lot in high school. He is till today a very popular philosopher. His outstanding works on physics, metaphysics, poetry, theatre, music, amongst others are what truly made him stand out. However, Aristotle also stood out for his knowledge about the causes of explanation (material cause, formal cause, efficient cause, and final cause).

Aristotle talked about ethics and other aspects where his metaphysics is shown. Aristotle believed any good depends on the realization of its origin. That said, Aristotle also believes the highest good anyone can do is increase their rationality.

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