Getting after-hours food at Cafe Brazil

If you’ve been enjoying a cocktail or three in Deep Ellum or near SMU Boulevard, you may find yourself in desperate need of a sandwich and a few cups of coffee before Ubering off home. You’ve likely found yourself at Cafe Brazil, a local chain of 24-hour diners that put Denny’s and IHOP to shame, after a late night. And no matter how long it’s been since you moved away from Dallas, you will always crave those endless gourmet coffee refills that Cafe Brazil offers.


Using a Groupon to get naked with your friends at King Spa

Bonding with your friends over naked scrub-downs and ice bath dips at King Spa is one of the best ways to spend a day in Dallas. The Korean spa offers everything from intense massages to total body exfoliation. With no gender mixing allowed, it’s one of the best ways to get over your body issues and also sweat out those toxins. Once you leave Dallas, you’ll think back with misty eyed nostalgia to the time you saw an elderly woman covering your best friend in mud and mummy-like bandages.


Swing dancing and playing shuffleboard at Sons of Hermann Hall

Upon leaving Dallas and moving out of state, you will almost immediately suffer pangs of nostalgia for all things Texan. And one of the first things that you will miss desperately is Sons of Hermann Hall. The old lodge that boasts an upstairs ballroom, bar, and indoor bowling alley, and offers swing dancing lessons and shuffleboard. It’s a place guaranteed to get any former Dallas resident’s pulse racing.


Cheap rent

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s incredibly difficult to ignore the value for money you get when it comes to the low cost of living in Dallas. It seems romantic and cool to live in a shoebox that you pay thousands of dollars a month to rent until you actually do it. And then you will spend entire days realizing that for half that cost, you could live in a spacious house with a pool. That feeling goes far beyond nostalgia into an almost crippling obsession.

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