Awesome wood accessories you should own ASAP!

Who knew that wood can be both eco-friendly and fashion forward right? There are so many options out there when it comes to accessories made out of wood. Here are just a few of those accessories:

Toothbrushes made out of wood


Crazy right? Who knew that you there were so many alternatives when it came to toothbrushes? There are some awesome companies that sell toothbrushes that are made out of bamboo trees and if you ever worry about these companies damaging the environment, well don’t! Most of them use recycled wood and for every wooden product you buy, a tree is planted!

Wood Sunglases


Imagine owning an awesome classic pair of classic sunglasses that are made of wood! I can assure you, you will stand out. You are making recycled wood not only earth friendly but also, very cool and fashionable. There are many options to choose from like for example, aviator type sunglasses.

Wooden Watches


How awesome is it to own a unique wooden watch? I don’t know about you, but I want to own one ASAP. Who even knew that there are awesome watches made of wood out there? Plus, like I said, these are not harmful to the planet earth and are so special and unique!

Wood Covers for game consoles


We know how some people are completely obsessed with their game consoles and want people to know it! What better way to make your game console stand out than by having its cover made out of wood right?

Cracked Log Lamps


Having a log as a lamp can make your house feel so rustic and awesome! I mean it not only makes your living room or dining room unique, but it also helps the earth by once again, recycling wood.

Wooden Phone Covers


This phone cover trend is getting out of hand, I mean, did you even know that you could own a phone case made of wood? Don’t worry, neither did I!

Wooden Headphones


Do you want to stand out in the crowd and not be one of the millions that own beats headphones? Easy, just purchase wooden headphones and stand out from the crowd!

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