Clear Signs That a Woman is Worth Following

From personal experience I’ve noticed how women who are worth your time stand out in a very unique way. Not every woman has these signs and if you find someone who has all these signs then I have to say you are very lucky and blessed. Not every woman is actually worth your time. Some of them even made you waste your time. This is why I made this article, with these signs you’ll be able to notice if the person you are with is worth or not!


She Wisely Wears Her Rubies states the following: “By this I mean her immense wisdom. Wisdom being worth far more than rubies. I love how Proverbs describes a woman of wisdom as: “A rich desire for knowledge and a love for humanity”. Wisdom has a voice and it’s feminine! A woman worth following doesn’t stand in silence. She listens to the voice of courage and change and it guides her in making choices that display discretion, patience, and understanding”.

I definitely agree with the Wisdom is something that not everyone has and the few people who do are truly amazing and unique.


She Lives Beyond Herself

A woman who is worth following is a very compassionate person. Not many of us are always compassionate. A woman worth following thinks and lives beyond herself. Also did you know that a woman worth following is not a narcissist? Yes, that’s right. A woman who is worth following cares about those who surround her and not just herself. Empathy overflows inside her and causes her to act. She even fills everyone surrounding her with joy, happiness, and love.


She’s Got Guts

A woman worth following isn’t afraid of taking a risk. She is bold and fearless. Many of us are too cared to take a risk because we believe we will fail. However, a woman who is worth following knows that even if she fails she will keep going. She will take her failures as a lesson.

A woman worth following carefully calculates her next risk before actually doing it. This means she’s wise with the risks she takes. At the end of the day the woman worth following knows that any risk she takes will always be rewarding regardless of the result.


She Is an Original Voice, Not an Echo

Most of us (including myself) have always imitated others. Why? Because we are afraid. Society pressures us to do things a certain way instead of our own way. This is why it’s best to follow a woman who is worth it. You’ll be able to learn so much from her because she doesn’t do what others want or tell her to do.

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