Crucial Items Every College Care Package Needs

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

College students all have one thing in common: they love a good caffeine fix. Feed their habit with a single-serve coffee maker. This one-touch machine makes the coffee straight into a travel mug, so your recipient can brew and go!


Adult Coloring Book

Yes, college is a lot of fun, but it can be fairly stressful as well. Gift your care package recipient with an adult coloring book, and they, and their stress levels, will thank you! Throw in a nice set of colored pencils as an added incentive to put down the textbooks and pick up the coloring books!


Group Games

A great time-filler, group games are a great way to meet new people and bring together roommates for a fun evening in. There are board and card games for every theme imaginable, and your recipient will be impressed with your fun and thoughtful gift.


Fun Desk Accessories

Who says pens and pencils have to be boring? Upgrade plain-Jane writing utensils and include a 3D printing pen in your college care package. This fun accessory brings drawings to life, allowing your recipient to create three-dimensional shapes in real time. Amazing!


Hot Chocolate Supplies

There’s just something about hot chocolate that everyone loves. Show your care package recipient how much you care by sending a box of chocolate covered marshmallows to add to their next cup of cocoa.


Instant Polaroid Camera

In the mood to splurge a bit? An instant polaroid camera guarantees endless fun, laughs and silliness. They come in so many designs and colors, you’re sure to find one for any taste and style.


Cube Clock

Be a slave to time no more with a modern and fun cube clock. Unlike traditional clocks, this clock doesn’t show the time until you make a noise. Perfect for those who are easily distracted by the glow of digital gadgets, it also shows the date and temperature!


A Warm Throw

Cold fall and winter nights demand a warm throw blanket! Perfect for studying, watching movies, or just catching up with roommates. A throw is a thoughtful gift that will get plenty of use, and you’ll get plenty of gratitude for thinking up such a perfect gift.


Wireless Headset

Does your college student always seem to be on the go? Give them the gift that goes wherever they do with a wireless headset. These lightweight gadgets can be used with any Bluetooth device and have an extra long battery life.

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