Did you know that there are different types of barcodes? You will now!

Working with barcodes can be kind of boring for some. I mean you have to scan away all day right? But, there is so much more to barcodes, my friends. Through them you are keeping all your inventory, prices and labels in check and making the task of selling items in big stores a whole lot more manageable, easy and organized. But, this is not done through secret recipes. Companies have tested and proven that working with barcodes make their employees a lot more efficient and productive. Now, did you actually know that when it comes to barcodes, there is not just a universal type of barcodes but rather there are different ones? In this article I want to talk about just that so that next time you are working with barcodes, you can choose the one that fits your needs the most!

The most simple is the numeric barcode!


These types of barcodes are mostly related to retail. They are very common in countries like the United States. The feature that I consider to be the most awesome for these barcodes is that they provide correction for errors and also they can self-check.

Barcodes that are two dimensional!

If you happen to work with lots of materials and need for your orders to be confirmed on a constant basis, then this type of barcodes might be the perfect fit for you and your company. This are the type of barcodes that are used mostly by companies that work with package deliveries and things related to this.

The one that is used worldwide is the alpha numeric bar code!

The first one I mentioned might be largely used and very simple to use but, this is the most used barcode worldwide so, I guess you could say that it is used even more than the first one I mentioned.

At the end of the day, I think that all these barcode as equally as good but the one you choose to use basically depends on the industry you work in. the thing we all know is that the use of barcodes, label rewinders, among other things, will definitely make your company and its processes a whole lot easier and standardized.

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