Do’s And Don’ts During College Move-In Days

Don’t: Put Stuff Wherever You Want

If you get there first, please  be respectful of your roommate! Especially for the big things such as dressers, beds, etc, talk to your roommate throughout the process. It’s actually best to plan this out a couple weeks before, but whoever moves in first should check in and text their roommate throughout the process to make sure they’re okay with the big placements. Also, be open to change when they arrive.


Do: Take Breaks

Every 2-3 hours at least, take a break for meals or just to unwind a bit. This will keep you charged to finish unpacking!


Don’t: Wait Days To Finish Unpacking

Just a huge no-no. The longer you wait, the more miserable you’ll be! I know you’re psyched to see your friends you missed all summer, but go through unpacking the weekend before classes start. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. I’ve waited before, and nothing’s worse than needing something later and having to open up every box to find it (and then repeating that process for a couple weeks).


Do: Leave Your Door Open

This is how you make friends with said neighbors and people who live by you! And if you’re walking by open doors, stop by to talk to people! It works.


Do: Make Wise Use Of Your Space

It’s like tetris! But with very little square feet. Utilize your space completely and work with what you have! This means maybe putting you and your roommate’s closets or dressers back to back, lofting your bed if necessary, etc.


Do: Make Friends With Your Neighbors

These are the people that will help you loft your bed and move your fridge up the stairs. They’re extra hands, and potential friends as well! Say hey and talk to them when you’re both moving stuff in.

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