How I Effortlessly Aced My finals Exam

Finals has always been something that a lot of people hate the most. It’s the most stressful time and also exhausting. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way for you. There are many simple tips you could follow that will allow you to study in the most simple way and still manage to ace the test. Don’t believe me? Just follow these tips and trust me, you’ll be shocked!


Divide and Plan

“Finals require a plan of action to handle calmly. Before I start studying or working on anything, I write down all of the finals I have and all of the assignments I have due during finals week.

Having a written list really helps keep me organized and also helps me prioritize my assignments. Trying to take on everything at the same time is very hectic and has proven unsuccessful for me in the past. So now, I stick to getting finals studying and assignments done using a system”. (Source:

Planning has always been an important factor in succeeding in anything. However, not everyone realizes how important it is until they start planning everything.


Get the Assignments Done First

If you have assignments to get done plus studying for finals, it’s best to do your assignments first so you can completely dedicate your time to your finals studies. Or, you can also get most of your assignments done and study a bit for finals.


Take Breaks

Just because you study for hours and hours or stay up all night to study, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a good grade on your test. It’s important you take a few breaks. While you’re on a break, you can watch TV, eat something tasty, or do whatever you want until you have to study again.


Study Both Solo and in Groups

I honestly prefer studying on my own but I realized how it’s actually even better to study in groups. You can study a lot quicker if you have a good study-buddy. You can also alternate between solo study and group study.


Eat Healthy Snacks and Drink Water

Keeping a healthy diet will improve your brain health too so remember to eat healthy foods such as fruits and cut down on sodas and ramen!



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