How to Effortlessly Become a Pro Writer

Becoming a writer is simply something that I love so much. I’ve always felt passionate about writing and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself as a writer. I’ve had my ups and downs when I first started and I wanted to desperately become a pro. However, there were so many tips and tricks that I didn’t know about which made it difficult for me to become a great writer. This doesn’t have to happen to you too. So if you want to become not only a good writer but a PRO writer then read on.


Read Like a Writer

The best thing you can do to improve your writing is to read! When you open a book, look at it with a writer’s eyes. What did the author do that you want to emulate in your own writing?

A client of mine wanted to write like Hemingway. We break the writing apart, piece by piece, asking questions like, “What did he do here? Why did he use a semicolon here? What types of ideas did he use to open this story?”After a few weeks of this, his writing noticeably became more straightforward, concise, and powerful.

You can do the same thing with bloggers you love. Read their posts and really pay attention to their writing techniques. (Source:


Be Surprising

There are various ways to surprise your readers. You can open with a quote, or with a vivid scene. Take a new twist on a past topic. If you are describing something familiar, do it in way that makes readers rethink their previous conceptions. You can also choose to finish your work with an unexpected insight.

This is the best way to truly grab your reader’s attention and to also have them drooling over what will happen next.


Get to the Point

Don’t bore your with more information than they already need. This will only have them lose interest half way and they will immediately stop reading. Instead, simply make your point and continue along the way.


Choose Your Words Carefully

Using repetitive or boring words will actually affect your writing. I’ve learned along the way that it’s best to avoid words such as: good, nice, cool, awesome, bad, and mean. In case you have to use a single word constantly, you can instead use synonyms.



Practice leads to perfection. The more you practice writing the more you learn. Write about anything that inspires you. Or write about the first thing that comes to your mind but simply write as much as you can!


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