How To Effortlessly Save Money On A Cruise

A lot of people know that cruises are usually very luxurious. However, there are still various shocking ways to effortlessly save money on a cruise. There’re various ways to enjoy something as luxurious as a cruise even when you’re on a tight budget. If you want to learn how to save on a cruise, then you’ve just hit the jackpot as ill teach you everything you need to know!

Saving on a cruise is actually quite easy and does not require large amount of work or research. It just requires making a few well-informed choices when booking a cruise trip.


Know What You Are Paying For

This is a very important tip. This even includes the price on meals and certain activities. Always talk to customer service so you know exactly what is included in the cost of your boarding ticket. You will want to know if extra cash will be required for additional meals, snacks, excursions, etc. once you’ve been well-informed, it will be a piece of cake to save a dollar or two.


Insure your trip

Travel insurance is important when it comes to cruises. They should be considered. Mother Nature can at times be tough. Getting an unexpected storm or even worse a hurricane can cause a huge impact on yourself and your trip. Your personal life/home/auto insurance agent can help you with this type of insurance. With this tip you’ll only pay a very minimal amount of money. Honestly, consider it as an investment as it’s quite useful.


Take advantage of the off season

May, September, January, and February are the least busy times for cruise ships and will assure you get the best values. Cruise lines run specials at these times to fill their ships. Keep track of them so you can get an awesome deal and you’ll be closer and closer to your cruise trip!


Research your excursions

Excursions can either be quite cheap per person or quite expensive. A simple trip to the beach is easy enough for any tourist to do on their own and you should not pay the cruise line extra to take you there. For something more complex, how about a ship sponsored excursion?


Tip in cash

Always ask to tip in cash. This will keep you on track of what you are spending each day on tips.

Don’t package your cruise and airfare together

I know how tempting it can be to book your flights with the cruise line, but it’s best to book your own flights. You will be able to find a better deal using Orbitz and the other money saving booking sites. You are given lowest price guarantees and price matches which help you score the best deals.


Don’t touch that soda!

Cruise lines will offer you a wrist band that gets you unlimited soda on your trip. This can get quite pricey and you’ll end up spending ridiculously large amounts each week. Multiply this by a family of 4 and you are spending a load of cash on soda.


Opt for a smaller stateroom

Isabel Rodriguez says in her book called “Cruisin’ Cheaper” the following: “You are going to be so busy having fun in the sun, at the onboard shows, and enjoying the grand buffets that you will hardly be in your room. Opt for a smaller less fancy stateroom. A larger one or one with extra bathroom or verandah can cost you big. Scale down, use your room for sleeping and dressing only, and save”.

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