How to understand the Harvey Weinstein´s effect from a different point of view

What really happened?

As I always use to say, right now it really doesn´t matter because everybody declared him guilty on a tweet rampage.

I need to clear up I´m not taking sides with Harvey Weinstein, but we all should ask ourselves, what really happened?

Why Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd waited so long to come forward and tell their story? In the meantime, they were getting fat rich in an industry managed but this now so-called “monster”. I don´t know about you, but this looks a little convenient to me.

It is almost funny to watch photos from 2004 of Rose McGowan posing with a big smile and a smashing red dress besides, wait, surprise! Harvey Weinstein and I have to say, she doesn´t look too sad to me, so why didn´t she say something then?

Hollywood´s bad habit of beating someone when their down is not new, we´ve seen it before, just think back a little.

Harvey Weinstein must have made many enemies through the years to be taking such a hammering from the public opinion, because that´s what´s beating him up right now, not for what he may or may not have done, but what people think he did in their own particular ways.

America, keep making the same old mistake to punish someone that represents the finest specimen of the American way of life and doing business over morality.

The Double Standard

Jesus Christ once said, “Let those free of sin cast the first stone”.

Now, who –really, without hypocrisy–have not had an affair or dated two people at the same time, had a fling at the office or something like it.

If we do it, in our personal way it is justified, but when someone else does it, it doesn´t look so good, but we don´t stop right there, we go on and crucify them.

However, once the fall guy is flagged and exposed –truly or falsely– all hell breaks loose upon him.

People tend to forget to look at themselves before passing judgments on other. Maybe Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator, but all those people making accusations upon him are definitely not angels.

Sometimes I think this double standard of punishing people over uncomfortable moral issues, is the way Americans deal with their own demons, some kind of catharsis.

Take for example the case of former President Bill Clinton, relentlessly exposed on something most people do every day in their offices, at a park, inside our cars, everywhere!

Nevertheless, people turned his legacy as one of the finest U.S. Presidents in history in a “sexual” scandal; but life is a witch and as no bad deeds go unpunished, we have to suffer Donald Trump.

The unforeseen effects of the witch hunt on Harvey Weinstein

As a natural consequence of Weinstein´s witch-hunt, everybody is turning his back on him. His company has gone bankrupt and he´s been assaulted on public places for people alienated by the big stream media pretending his some kind of extraterrestrial who doesn´t deserve to live on this earth.

The vultures are surrounding his business waiting for the smallest opportunity to torn it apart. In addition, a few people who used to work for him paid their mortgages and sent their kids to school on the salary “the monster” paid them, are now claiming mental distress out of a toxic work environment in an attempt to get some money in compensation.

Everybody is expecting to see what to take from Weinstein’s moment of struggle and appear not to think what he or she are going to do next. In the overfall against Weinstein, many people seem to forget who used to pay their rents, where the money came from and as a punishment are going to experience first-hand the difficulties of trying to make a living when everybody else is wasting their time with gossip destroying legitimated businesses.

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