How to Write the Scariest Thriller in the World

Despite how much of a scary cat I am I love anything that could potentially scare me to the point where I have to sleep with the bedroom lights on. The suspense and thrill that I get is truly something that I love experiencing. I even feel like I’m actually living everything the character is experiencing. My passion towards thriller novels has gotten to a point in which I’ve wanted to write one too. I’ve gather the not important tips in order to achieve not only the best thriller but the best thriller in the WORLD!


The Importance of Misdirection

What I mean by this is to create plot twists that will throw your readers off their seats. A way to achieve this is by making seemingly innocent characters into everyone’s worst nightmare. You can get quite creative at which character you want to use for this.

“An effective way to create misdirection is to conjure a few suspects. Introduce secondary characters and give them motive and opportunity. In Turn of Mind, the surgeon’s children have reason to frame her for murder, as they stand to inherit a substantial estate”. (Source:


New revelations in Each Scene

As the story goes on and on new things start happening. Keeping things repetitive will negatively affect the readers review on the novel. I suggest having each scene come up with something new. Whether it’s a new clue in order to find the perpetrator or something or someone that can help the characters advance in the story.


Don’t Dwell on Clues

It’s best to not dwell too much on any kind of clue your characters find. This can actually get quite annoying for readers. Instead, keep things simple, interspersing them with red herrings.


Make Sure Characters Respond in Believable Ways

For this you’ll need to come up with believable ways in which the characters you’ve created will react in certain situations. For example, if one of your characters is a scary cat (like me) and he/she suddenly has an encounter with something who wants to kill him/her, the obvious and believable reaction is they your character will be truly scared and will probably hide. An unbelievable reaction would be for him/her to suddenly stop being scared and K.O the bad guy.

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