Life Hacks That Every Student Should Know

Use is a free online graphing calculator you can access from anywhere. Create an account to save your graphs now! It’s super easy to use and very useful too. So what are you waiting for? Go now to their website and have your student life change right in front of your eyes.


Get Answers To Un-Googleable Problems At /r/HomeworkHelp

More than once have I tried googling something and absolutely no information appears. This is something that everyone can get easily frustrated but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find what you’re looking for. By using /r/HomeworkHelp you’ll find the answers to anything!


Use Google Scholar To Find Published Papers And Get Alerts On New Papers In Your Study Area

This is a very valuable resource for research paper writers. The search functionality is much easier to use than other databases (like JSTOR, ugh). To find exactly what you want, click on More > Advanced Search. If you’re an early-career academic, Google Scholar can be crucial in helping establish your research, citations, and CV.


Get Reward Coupons For Not Using Your Phone In Class

Get paid to pay attention! Pocket Points (free) is an app that will offer discounts to local and national retailers if you keep your phone locked during class.


Don’t Buy Textbooks From Your College Bookstore

Rule #1: Avoid the college bookstore at all costs. Websites like Affordabook, Big Words, and Cheapest Textbooks compare prices from multiple retailers, giving you the best deal. offers used, discounted textbooks of varying conditions from other students like you. Barnes and Noble and Amazon Prime have great rental programs with free shipping, easy returns if you drop the class, and flexible renting periods.


Get Chipotle Delivered To Your Dorm, Save Time, Study More

Think burritos > pizza? Tapingo is a website and app that delivers food to college students, and they’ve recently added Chipotle delivery to 40 college campuses this fall. You could be the next lucky student to have their delicious food delivered at your own campus!







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