The 3 best series of 2018 (so far)

We’ve taken the time to watch a few tv series that are trending lately. And we’ve came up with some conclusions.

Here are the 3 best series of 2018 so far that we hope you can enjoy as much as we did when we watched them.

Starting with:

‘Killing Eve’

Spies, irreverence and a lot of female empowerment.

These are some of the main ingredients of the thriller created by the screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag).

Based on the Luke Jennings novels, the series follows Eve (Sandra Oh), an official of MI5 who must catch Villanelle (Jodie Eat), a brilliant murderer.

A hypnotic game of cat and mouse that is already one of the seriéfilos phenomena of the year.

You can watch it at: HBO

‘Atlanta’ 2nd season.

It seemed complicated to take Atlanta higher than its magnificent first season, but precisely for having achieved it with all the tranquility of the world, the second round of episodes of the series of Donald Glover deserves so much praise.

It seems complicated that no other series of 2018 reaches the level of quality, daring and visual self-confidence that shows with absolute parsimony and carefreeness Atlanta.

We highlight his monographic episodes that play with genre codes, such as ‘Helen’ (much better than Let me go), ‘Barbershop’ (hilarious conceptual comedy), ‘Teddy Perkins’ (spooky piece of paranoid horror) and ‘Champagne Papi’ ( fantastic chronicle of female nocturnal revelry). And the musicote, of course.

You can watch it at: FOX.

‘The Terror’

Arctic explorers, sailors, ships, blocks of ice, autopsies, scurvy, rebellions, suspicions, betrayals and, to round it all, a supernatural creature of ravenous appetite.

Not bad as a survival cocktail.

The adaptation of Dan Simmons’s novel that imagines what could happen to Sir John Franklin’s expedition to the Arctic is a delight to cool off on hot summer nights.

You can watch it at: AMC.



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