The Best Kindergarten Teachers To Follow On Pinterest

Pinterest is a completely different world where you can learn a lot of cool and creative things. There’re even kindergarten teachers that share very important tips and information that can help you as a teacher or parent to teach certain things to your children or they can teach you various ways to have fun with your kids.


One of the many kindergarten teachers I follow on Pinterest is Simply Kinder

Simply kinder is all kindergarten related! Whether its food, crafts, how to’s, everything that you can imagine in one simple and amazing account.


Sharing Kindergarten

You should check out her teaching Cool Ideas board! Who knew that teaching could be so fun? I wish I had known about this person back when I was teaching kids in kindergarten. There are SO many great teacher tips and tricks on this board too. This board is great for any teacher regardless of their level.


Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans letter board has high quality pins that are all inclined towards the alphabet! If you’re looking for ideas or how to prepare material to teach kids about the alphabet, then this board is perfect for you!


Differentiated Kindergarten

Marsha a.k.a. differentiated kindergarten, has a dozen boards. I definitely recommend following all of her boards. However, her Sensory Table Fun will make your jaw drop with all the awesome content! She has found a way to mix academics and developmentally appropriate practices.


Rainbows Within Reach

Rainbows Within Reach’s board is filled with ideas on how to develop their writing skills. The activities it includes are handwriting, the alphabet, fun with words, and even stories! So many fun ways to learn and the list goes on. This board is a must for all early childhood teachers. If you love teaching you’re going to definitely love it even more after you’ve visited Rainbows Within Reach.


Kinder Craze

Maria’s Classroom Ideas on her Kinder Craze board is loaded with classroom photos and organization ideas! There’s an awesome list on how to perfectly organize your classroom so the kindergarteners will see sense in them.


First Grade Blue Skies

I also highly recommend this board. She has incredibly useful tips and guess what? She also has an amazing Math board loaded with kindergarten ideas! This board has saved me countless times on teaching math to kindergarteners.


The Kindergarten Connection

This Kindergarten Connection contains a Letters and Sounds board that you can use for the entire year! And this board also contains alphabet activities as well as blending activities to get kids reading. This board is perfect even for parents who have difficulty at teaching their kids to read.


Steve Spangler Science

I adore Steve Spangler science so much! It’s all about giving you some teaching ideas and free resources for kindergarteners. I was so happy when I realized all the free resources as they were all exceptionally amazing and fun to use!


We Are Teachers says: “We Are Teachers Teaching Kindergarten board is like a treasure chest of goodies for kindergarten teachers! It’s a mix of classroom management ideas, games, and curriculum all from teachers who know kindergarten well”.

Hopefully all this exciting list of fun and cool ideas will help you as much as it helped me while teaching kindergarteners.

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