The easiest ways to start small talks with anybody anytime.

Communication is the most important thing for us human beings.

It’s crucial that we keep a good understanding with each other. This is exactly what separates us from animals.

In order for is to survive, we need to share ideas.

But there’s something that’s always bothering the mind of everybody: “the awkward silence”.

It awkwardness is pretty normal though.

What’s not really normal is too feel all closed up by this awkwardness that won’t let you interact with the people around you.

This is what usually happens to introverted people.

If you consider yourself a little too shy and you’re always thinking about that awkward silence, then you’ve come to the right place.

Just as for online chat rooms, job interviews and social networking, the success in a small talk domain is just like any other kind of success in a social situation.

One of the basic things to do is to find something in common both parties can share and talk about.

But enough of the talking, here are a few easy steps to follow and forget about the awkwardness:

1)           Listen first

When it comes to trying to fill up the “dead moments”, you could try to chat about you. This is not really good sometimes.

Try to listen to them rather than talking. Only this way both parties are going to understand each other very well and it’s more likely for both to have a good conversation.

Try to let them talk first, try to listen to what they have to say and reply to them the most politely way possible.

2)           Keep up with the news!

The best way to have a very good small talk with anybody is to all way be updated about the current events of the country or in the world.

To really know about a lot of things about the world and the news, can help you have a topic to talk about with anybody and will let you develop your own ideas and opinions over anything.

3)           Don’t assume they agree!

People won’t necessarily agree with all you’re saying, so always try to keep an open mind.

Don’t judge people for what they think.

When people don’t agree with you, it can help have a debate with them and learn about more stuff over the topic.

Meeting new people and have real good small talks is one of they keys to success.

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