The Shocking Secret into Achieving A’s in College

Don’t Type, Write Everything Down Instead

I know how amazing it is to use a computer to take notes during any class. However, it’s definitely a lot better. The reason why it’s a lot better is because you manage to retain the information a lot more than when you type it out.


Make an Effort to Talk to your Professors

I’m sure my professor was sick of me by the time the class was over, but I wanted him to know that I was really trying. I asked for guidance on assignments, brainstormed ideas with him, and wasn’t afraid to ask questions if I got stuck along the way. Guess what my final grade was… a 92.5% (source:


Organize your Class Schedule to Promote Studying

The best way to get good grades in college is by organizing yourself. Make a schedule related to your study days. You can even schedule which days to have free but once you have everything organized in your planner you must follow it in order to achieve higher grades.


Become a member of a study group

This is something that truly made a huge difference on my grades. At first I didn’t choose a proper study group as most of them were just lazy and didn’t really study. But after I changed to a better study group my grades went from C’s and –B’s to straight A student.


Reward yourself for reaching your goals

By goals I mean by achieving a good grade on any assignment you had or on an exam you had. This is definitely something rewarding and you will even work harder in order to get better grades precisely because of the reward and because of how amazingly good it feels to get good grades.

Remember to always follow these tips as this will 100% guarantee that you will get better grades.

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