The Spiciest Korean Dishes That Will Make You Breathe Fire


Soft rice cakes and fish cakes cooked in sweet red chili sauce, sounds delicious and probably harmless to you right? Well my friend, you are very wrong. It’s actually a very spicy dish that not everyone can handle. Despite its spiciness, Koreans LOVE their ddeokbokki. It’s a comfort food for a lot of people and a typical snack you’ll find while exploring the corners of Korea. If you’re brave enough to try them, you can buy them just about everywhere in Korea and at a cheap price too!


Lee Kang-sun Silbijip Nakji Bokkeum (Stir-fried octopus)

Nakji bokkeum consists of stir-fried nakji (octopus) flooded in a “generous” portion of red pepper sauce. Rice, beansprouts and sesame oil are on the side to help ease the pain. However, by simply just looking at this dish you can already feel your mouth burning.


Jjambbong (Seafood Noodles)

For this dish it’s recommended to start off with the noodles. Once you’ve got the hang of it, go for the broth. However, I warm you to be very careful as this can actually make you experience terrible pain. The broth contains various chili’s from Korea, India, China and Vietnam all to team up to make you feel like you gave the devil a smooch.


Maeundae Galbijjim (Braised Short-Rib Stew)

From an unscientific poll we carried out on the streets of Seoul, Maeundae galbijjim is one of the hottest — in terms of popularity — spicy dishes nowadays. Forget everything you know about galbijjim, the usually sweet and savory beef short ribs. The classic Korean dish enters a new era of spiciness at Maeundae (mae-un means “spicy” in Korean so don’t say they didn’t warn you). (Source:


Onnuriye Donkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

This place is actually known for serving the Donkatsu of Death. The pork cutlet is drenched in an ominous dark red sauce made from a rich broth of Asian herbs and what owner Song Jung-won claims is the spiciest chili on earth.

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