These have been the best 2016 concert tours so far!

What can be more awesome than seeing your favorite artists and bands perform live? I mean you get to hear all your favorite songs and on top of that you have some sort of interaction with the performers. But let’s face it, some concerts are better than others. Some artists truly engage with the fans and make their concert experience worth their money and others, just represent a waste of time and money for their fans that probably will not be their fans anymore after that concert fiasco. Here are the ones that truly and worth your time and earnings.

Justin Bieber is definitely worth your money


I don’t know if you noticed but, Justin Bieber is really, REALLY talented. I mean he might have some baggage, but he is very talented when it comes to singing live and performing. He toured all over the US this time but who knows, maybe next year he will be going on a world tour and come to a city near us right?

Beyoncé definitely delivers


I mean if just watching her concert DVDs is pretty much an otherworldly experience, imagine seeing Beyoncé perform live in a concert? I would definitely faint for sure. She delivers a full all out and awesome concert. She sings REALLY well, she dances EVEN BETTER and she has lots of interactions with her fans. What is not to love about that? Beyoncé keeps reinventing herself, and so do her tours. No tour is like the last one. Each one represents a new awesome experience definitely worth paying for.

Want to cry while singing in a concert? Then Adele is the best option for you!


Adele was definitely blessed with those awesome singing pipes and not only does she sing super well, she also delivers a heartfelt performance. I mean believe me, once you leave her concert you will either be heartbroken about some old love or feel empowered to move on in your love life. I mean that is how powerful Adele’s concerts are. So you should definitely make the investment when it comes to Adele’s next concert being in your hometown.

There are many more artist that are very popular and successful when it comes to touring but, you should also check out the rising up and coming bands and artist because remember, not all really awesome bands are extremely famous like Justin Bieber but, let me tell you, they are just as awesome. Examples of this are bands like Razorlight or onr.

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