Tips and Tricks To Be Healthy In College

Staying healthy in college can be very difficult. I know it was pretty difficult for me. I’d constantly eat instant foods and eat at crazy late hours. It made me feel horrible so I decided to make a change. It took a lot of determination at first but I managed to pull through. If you want to start eating healthy too then let me give you some important tips!


Keep healthy snacks in your dorm room

During late night study sessions it’s easy to reach for cookies, chocolate, and chips, which is why it’s important to keep healthy snacks around your dorm or apartment. Some of my favorite healthy snacks to keep around my dorm room/apartment are Greek yogurt, grapes, and strawberries.


Remember that the hardest part about going to the gym is the walk/drive there

It’s a crazy mental barrier that you have to be able to overcome, but the hardest part about your work out is actually getting yourself there. Especially when you live off campus and start thinking to yourself that a work out would require driving to the gym, finding parking, and then walking to the gym, you can convince yourself that it is too much work when in reality it’s a ten minute, or less, task. If you are on campus, the hardest part is during the winter and trying to convince yourself to make the trek to gym. (Source:


Drink water

I always have my water bottle with me in my backpack while I’m on campus and I consistently find myself refilling it. I typically have had 2-3 water bottles by lunch time with the goal to have 5-6 bottles by the end of the day. Water is the best way to keep your energy levels up, stay healthy, and of course be hydrated.


Limit your alcohol

I honestly don’t like drinking alcohol at all but I’m aware that many people in college LOVE drinking alcohol. The calories and general effect on your overall health from consuming alcohol definitely begin to add up, especially in a college culture where over-drinking and blacking out is the trend. If you choose to drink, keep your consumption to a minimum.

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