Top 3 biggest scandals celebrities have been involved in

It is pretty obvious that in the celebrity world, scandals come and go. Some we don’t even remember them happening and other scandals, just go down in history and we talk about them for as long as we can.

These are the celebrity scandals I want to talk about. Whether they are real or fake, they have definitely made their mark in celebrity history.

By the way, I just want to say that I am not intending to laugh at famous people and their sad events.  I am just going to mention the events in their life that have definitely stood out to the public!

1.Britney Spears and her heavy meltdown

I just want to say that mental illness is not something to laugh about and I deeply feel bad for this event Britney had to go through. I think she is not the first nor will she be the last celebrity to go through something like this.

Problem is her meltdown was basically followed by the paparazzi from beginning to end. So, we basically got to see a live meltdown.

Thankfully, Britney has gotten way better nowadays and is enjoying life with her two boys so, let’s just give Britney a break!

2.That time Chris Brown used Rihanna as a boxing ring

I am actually glad this was heavily publicized because, there is nothing pretty about domestic violence and Chris Brown deserved to be dragged for beating up his girlfriend.

According to my standards, there will never be a reason that is heavy enough for me to justify a coward guy hitting a girl.

Aside from saying this, I honestly think Chris Brown is still paying for what he did back then but that’s what he gets for making such a stupid mistake and beating a girl right?

3.People STILL remember that time Marilyn Monroe had a little fling with the president

I mean, how can people not? Think about it. First of all, this guy was widely known as he was the president of the United States so people were obviously on top of everything he was doing.

Not only that, but Marilyn Monroe was really famous at the time so, how can people not be shocked by this affair knowing the president was married and had a very wholesome image?

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