Top 5 Dark Facts About ISIS That Will Leave You Shaking

It’s most likely you’ve heard of this horrible extreme religious group. However, at times the media only covers a certain part about ISIS. Not many people know much about ISIS other than being scary and bad people. Although not to everyone they are consider bad people. They have a wide range of supporters world-wide.

For those of you who aren’t completely familiar with ISIS, I’ll give you some shocking and even nightmare-inspiring facts about them.


5) ISIS Commits Genocides

You’ve may have noticed how ISIS carries out multiple genocides. They even target specific religions such as Christians, Shia Muslims, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Yazidis, Druze, Shabaks, and Mandeans. They will also execute anyone disobeying the Sharia law. In just a matter of a short time, more than 10,000 innocent civilians have died in various ways thanks to ISIS.


4) What’s Their Objective?

Their main goal is to create an Islamic state. Such state will be called caliphate. A caliphate is an Islamic state where sharia law is enforced. Whoever disobeys such law will be severely punished. The punishments may include: beheadings, hanging, shootings, and flogging. Also, other forms of punishment have been reported including: stoning, hanging, beheading, crucifixion, and amputation. As of now; ISIS owns the 30,000 square miles thanks to their fights for territory.


3) They’ve garnered more attention thanks to social media

ISIS has taken advantage of social media to obtain even more possible recruits. They’ve also obtained help from the Al Hayat Media Center. ISIS got creative with their ways of getting more recruits. Music, action shots and adding stories into their social accounts have gotten them popularity worldwide. If you think about it, it’s incredibly shocking and scary how some people admire such a horrible terrorist group. I was even shivering as a read all the information about them.


2) They Make Millions

With all the machinery and ammunition they need ISIS requires large sums of money. They also need money to cover necessity items such as food and water. ISIS has come up with multiple ways to make money. From drug trades, exporting oil, selling antiques and artifacts to robbing banks they have a large amount of money in their power.

Large portions of Syria and Iraq are under control of ISIS. Thanks to such control they’ve managed to collect valuable resources. The worst part is that ISIS is the richest terrorist organization in the world.


1) ISIS: Apocalypse?

A lot of people believe their ways of thinking and the things they’ve done till this point lead to an apocalypse. ISIS really wants their beliefs and laws to be enforced all over the world and as you can see, they will do whatever it takes. Also, ISIS believes that a true leader (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) will be the caliph they need.

Hopefully this article will enlighten you just as much as it did to me. ISIS is a very dangerous and powerful terrorist group and there have been multiple attempts of stopping them. However, ISIS is still active and fighting.

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