Top Fun And Awesome Things To Do In Minca

Minca is a small village in the Colombian hills, it’s incredibly beautiful and it’s almost as if it was a dream to be in such a gorgeous place. I’ve recently traveled there and I’m already saving money to go back to have more adventures with my family and friends! If you already booked a trip to Minca let me give you a couple of things you can do there that will make you never leave Minca!


Visit La Victoria Coffee Farm

“Minca is in prime coffee-making territory and was in fact one of the first regions in Colombia to really make the most of coffee cultivation. This La Victoria finca is special as it still uses the same equipment as when it started up in 1892. The best time for a visit is between November and February, which is coffee-picking season so there’s a lot more activity”. (Source:


Eat At The Lazy Cat

I love eating here. It was thanks to my friend who knew about this place that we ended up eating here and wow, it was simply exquisite. With a menu packed with various veggie (also a few vegan) options, excellent burgers and possibly the best noodle dishes we’ve ever had, It’s no wonder the place is constantly filled with happy customers.


Pozo Azul

The clear waters of the several swimming holes are a delightful and peaceful way to spend an afternoon, especially if you’ve been stressed before coming to Minca. It’s a perfect way to relax and to simply feel like you’re in heaven.


Hike Up Los Pinos

Not only is it an amazing walk but also a very rewarding one too! At the top you’ll be greeted with some wonderful views of the mountains. I highly recommend hiking Los Pinos. You won’t regret anything once you’ve reached the top of it!


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