Top Motivational Songs For Students All Teachers Should Know

Last spring I was searching for songs I could use for my students and I had no idea where to begin. With such a large list of songs out there it was no surprise that it took me a while to actually pick a song that was kid-friendly.

After listening to some songs in which I thought had the potential to become a part of my student music list I then started to realize that the message wasn’t always the best. So I had to search again for songs that not only were they kid friendly but also had an actual message that would help the kids grow more.

Again, after so much search it’s finally over and I’ve come up with the following:

HAPPY by Pharrell Williams

I was actually shocked at how much kids loved this song! It’s also a perfect song to get kids to start dancing and getting just as excited and happy like Pharrell Williams was in the video. This song also became a huge hit thanks to becoming a part of a kid’s movie. Even the other teachers in other classrooms decided to join in the party that I had in my classroom! It was definitely a blast.


ROAR by Katy Perry

I LOVE this song so much. I remember constantly listening to this song to the point where no matter where I was I kept singing it uncontrollably. What I really like about this song is the message it has behind it. This will truly help kids to stand up for themselves to anyone who belittles them.


FIREWORK by Katy Perry

This is another positive and motivational song from Katy Perry. Tis song is all about letting you know that you are worth more than what people tell you. It allows you to always believe in yourself too.


UNWRITTEN by Natasha Bedingfield

No matter how old this song may be I’m always jamming to this song. I love everything about it and the message it has is also amazing for kids. I’m always playing this song for my students and they love it so much! They even memorized the lyrics!


COOL KIDS by Echosmith

This song is definitely my favorite of all. This song is definitely something that kids of all ages should listen to as their message will create a huge impact on them. The song is about how you shouldn’t be a certain type of person. It also talks about how it’s always best to be yourself.



Despite talking about a breakup, the general message is to rely solely on yourself rather than on others. You may have to explain the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but if you don’t mind that, it’s a pretty great choice.


STEREO HEARTS by Gym Class Heroes Ft. Adam Levine

This happy and heart-warming song is a great way to teach my students how in relationships people love and support each other.



Most kids already knew this song by the time that I put it on and they were very excited about it too. They all kept dancing and singing along to the song. Honestly, I’m not a one direction lover but this song created a huge impact on me and I knew I had to show it to my students!

SAFE AND SOUND by Capital Cities

It’s about positivity and knowing that with the support of a loved one, everything will be okay. This has created a big difference with the relationship between my students and their family. I was truly happy when so many parents came up to me telling me how grateful they are that their kids have an amazing teacher and how I choose songs that actually teach them something positive.


SHAKE IT OFF by Taylor Swift

You and your students will probably already know this song. This catchy and awesome song is all about not caring about what the haters have to say about you. Just shake it off and live your happy life!


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