Top Must-See Paris Streets Before You Die

Rue des Rosiers

Situated in the very heart of le Marais, Rue des Rosiers is one of those streets that makes you feel like you’re strolling through the Paris straight from a movie. A cobbled lane filled with cafés, eateries, and independent boutiques, Rue des Rosiers is easily one of the most iconic streets Paris has to offer. Oh, and while there be sure not to miss the world famous L’As du Fallafel. Located at number 34 Rue des Rosiers.


Rue des Barres

Trailing ivy covers the house at the end of the road and the cobbled nature of the alley means that few cars can, or even will venture up this narrow lane. Rue des Barres is the perfect location to sip on an espresso and escape the hustle and bustle of le Marais. Here lies your opportunity to stroll down one of Paris’ prettiest streets, camera in one hand, curiosity in the other…


Rue Chanoinesse

There are as many secrets and little pieces of history hidden along Rue Chanoinesse as the road is old. Home to one of the best cafés in Paris, and even a courtyard paved with re-purposed gravestones, this street is a mere’s stone throw away from Notre Dame.


Rue Cremieux

You can’t stroll down this street without snapping at least one or two of the colorful houses and quirky architecture. This road is barely a few hundred meters away from Bastille Opera, home to Paris’ other opera house and once home to the infamous pre-revolution prison, Bastille.


Square de Montsouris

Don’t let the name fool you! This ‘square‘ is actually one of the prettiest streets in Paris and it’s close to one of the most picturesque parks in the city, Parc de Montsouris. Square de Montsouris is located in the 14e arrondissement of the city and is a great place to wander around if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of tourists surrounding more ‘famous’ parts of the city.


Rue de l’Abreuvoir

Of all the pretty Paris streets listed here, I think that Rue de l’aubreuvoir must be my favorite! The pink house of Montmartre sits at one end of the street, Place Dalida at the other end. Rue de l’Aubreuvoir is like stepping into Paris of the past, only this time with selfie sticks and proper waste facilities!

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