Top Strangest Museums You Should Visit Before You Die

The Mütter Museum

The museum is one of only two places where you can see parts of Albert Einstein’s brain. One of the greatest masterminds and you’re just a couple of meters away of a part of him!


International Cryptozoology Museum

First stop, the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, dedicated to documenting “unknown” animals. This museum is amazing and you-ll enjoy everything about it! Bring your family and friends to get the most out of it!


Museum of the Weird

The exhibits are a mix of terrifying pranks and the kind of urban legend material that the cryptozoology museum has. I first went here with my boyfriend and the minute I walked in to the second I walked out, my face was in total shock of all the weirdness in one place.


Chasing Rainbows Museum

This museum is dedicated to all things Dolly Parton, including costumes from 9 to 5, Straight Talk and more, along with the gowns worn during her countless concerts, award shows and special appearances. Theme park admission is a bit pricey but it’s worth it.


International UFO Museum

The International UFO Museum naturally raises a lot more questions about what happened in July 1947 than it answers. That was when something was seen in the sky above Roswell, New Mexico, leading to years of speculation about visitors from other planets, and a possible government cover-up. (Source:


Idaho Potato Museum

All sorts of amazing kinds of potato dishes. This museum will make you drool from all the goodness you’ll be seeing. The drive from Montana to Idaho’s potato mecca is about four hours long. The admission is only $3.


International Banana Museum

This is by far one of the museums anyone should visit before they die. You’ll go “bananas” in this musseum thanks to all sorts of crazy things you’ll see and experience here.

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