Top Tips And Tricks That Every Teacher Should Know

Stamps as a behavior management system

If the students are working on individual or group assignments and they start making a lot of noise, reward the quiet or well-behaved students with stamps. Within seconds you’ll notice the class getting quieter. The stamp doesn’t mean anything unless you want it to. I always tell them that they won’t get full credit without the stamp.


Assignment numbers

Each student has a number that they must write at the upper right corner of any assignment they turn in. it enables you to alphabetize much more quickly. You or your students can put the papers in numerical order, and they are alphabetized. Then when I grade, I can put them in the grade book simultaneously. If they forget to put the number it is -5 points for them. I tried this trick countless times and it’s worked.


Use poker chips during class discussions

I organize my students in groups and I start asking them questions and they can also ask questions. Every time a student answers or asks a question I give them one poker chip. By the time the class ends, I start counting them, and the group with the most chips gets extra credit. They also lose chips if their group is talking or if someone puts their head down. This has helped tremendously at working in groups without them distracting each other or being really loud in class.


Give MEANINGFUL assignments/assessments

Teachers who work with large groups of students don’t realize that they’ll have a much easier time at grading assignments when they’re meaningful. You’ll be grading less and doing far less work, but what you do will mean much more for learning. Your students will learn much more efficiently thanks to this tip. I’ve tried it out and they learned a lot quicker than usual.


Give ClassDojo a try

ClassDojo is an amazing tool that monitors behavior and attendance. Ever had a student out of control and needed intervention? This provides data… Need another way to do attendance? This also covers that. This tool has definitely been an incredibly huge help for me while teaching in high school.


Make your students do all of your busy work

Whether its Writing stuff, typing stuff, bringing things places, stapling things, folding things, organizing things, anything you can think of, have them do it for you. They’ll learn to appreciate your effort and they will also start learning to be more responsible with assignments and maintaining the classroom clean at all times. Also, they’ll eventually enjoy it too.

Hopefully all these tips will be of great help for you! I had so much fun experimenting with my students while using these tips.

If it’s your first time teaching, I recommend trying out all these tips and tricks as they will create a huge and positive impact on your students and teaching. If some of these tips aren’t working for you, just have a bit of patience. Most students take some time to adapt to changes but trust me, it’s all worth it.

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