Unique Themed Cafes In Seoul You’ll Want To Visit

Dog Cafe

Bauhaus is probably my all-time favourite themed cafe in Seoul. The idea? You purchase a drink and then you get to hang out with some lovable dogs for a few hours!

The cafe is divided into 2 sections: one area for the smaller dogs where you can find a Whippet, a Corgi, a Pomeranian, a King Charles Cavalier, and lots of Chihuahuas; and another area for the larger dogs, where you’ll find a Golden Retriever, an Irish Setter, a Siberian Husky, a Groenendael, a Labrador and more.


Poop Cafe

Poo normally isn’t an acceptable conversation topic at the table, but Seoul seems to think otherwise. One of the most unusual cafes My boyfriend and I have ever visited was the Poop Cafe located inside the Ssamziegil Cultural Complex. The theme was apparent from the minute we walked through the doors, with giant swirls of poo gracing each table.

We ordered a latte, a mango lassi, and most importantly, a poo-shaped waffle with lots of nutella smeared on top. Uhh, you get the visual? Our waffle was served on a plate that was meant to resemble a squat toilet, and if you come closer to lunch time and order pasta, this is served in a miniature toilet bowl. Yummm!


Hello Kitty Cafe

In Hongdae you’ll find a two-story cafe dedicated to all things Hello Kitty and it’s an explosion of pink from the minute you walk through the main gates. How’s that for a fictional Japanese cat character who wears a red bow?

We decided to order a green tea latte and a raspberry cake, but you can also order larger savoury meals if sweets aren’t your thing. I do appreciate that the prices were quite reasonable in comparison to some of the other themed cafes in Seoul.


Traditional Tea House

This one is not quite a themed cafe, but it’s still a very cool experience so I thought I’d include it here. There are no cute animals involved, but having tea in a traditional tea house is a must do when in Seoul.

These tea houses are sprinkled across the city, but the best place to find a good selection is by wandering the back lanes of Insadong. I really enjoy the traditional tea houses because they are usually in quiet back alleys so it’s very serene plus they also tend to play soft music.

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