Vaping: Is it really healthy?

Many people have found in electronic cigarettes an alternative, in theory, healthier than cigarettes.

However, conflicting opinions have been raised regarding the consequences that vaping has on health.

Some experts indicate that, although it is not the healthiest habit that could’ve ever existed, in fact it is considerably less harmful than cigarettes.

But, there are opinions of all kinds.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes

A good number of smokers have found in electronic cigarettes a very attractive and healthier alternative than inhaling tobacco smoke.

The society has it very clear that smoking is extremely harmful to health, and that’s exactly the main reason that electronic cigarettes are having an important upturn.

But, is it healthy to vape though?

Recent studies have indicated that effectively vaping on a much healthier option to inhale tobacco smoke.

Scientists have explained that, unlike tobacco smoke, electronic cigarettes contain only nicotine.

In the case of tobacco, the smoke transfers other types of pollutants considered highly carcinogenic, such as benzene.

The University College London also conducted a study regarding the real consequences of electronic cigarettes. The results were extremely positive for the users of these devices.

Specifically, the study analyzed a group of individuals who went from smoking tobacco to using electronic cigarettes.

After six months, the carcinogenic substances present in these people’s bodies had drastically reduced.

The controversy regarding electronic cigarettes

Although several studies have indicated that vaping is considerably healthier than smoking tobacco, the issue remains at the center of the controversy.

Some people say that these studies lack the proper methodology to determine how harmful this product is.

Despite this, more and more associations recognize the electronic cigarette as a much healthier option than the traditional one.

Vaping and tobacco

It’s important to remember that tobacco smoke contains a large amount of substances, apart from nicotine, which are much more harmful to overall health.

In addition, as we have seen the electronic cigarette only contains nicotine, so it is an option in principle less harmful.

If you feel the need and the anxiety of smoking nicotine from cigarettes, try to buy vape instead. It’s less harmful and can help you relieve all the tension you get once you’ve become addicted to smoke.

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