Want your Instagram to be as good as it can be? Well, you should take your bio into consideration

We all know this too well. First impressions are very important. I mean, what would you think of someone you just met that smells like rotten fish? That they probably are not very good with their personal hygiene right? Well, the same thing happens to our Instagram. If you see a bio of someone who just sent you a request to follow you and it says I’m just a boy looking to meet girls for some casual encountering.                Would you actually accept their friend request? Probably not! Now, if you are looking to have a serious business Instagram, you obviously know that your company’s bio is something that your potential clients will see when first looking at your Instagram so, here are some tips on how to make the best Instagram bio you can make and taking this effort can actually help you in gaining more Instagram followers.

Make sure the content in your bio is appealing to the audience you are targeting


If you are looking into selling cleaning products, then make sure this is clearly known in your Instagram bio so that your audience can understand what you are offering and whether or not this fits their needs. But, also, when your make your bio for the audience you are targeting, make sure you keep it short and interesting enough for your audience to want to know more about the products you are looking into selling.

Make sure your bio engages with your potential followers


Try to put some thought into the bio you are going to make for your business and make sure it is real enough to engage with your audience. Do not just write some generic bio that feels like it was done by a robot. Make sure your followers fell like you are just one of them and not just some alien from outer space.


Don’t try to please everyone with your bio

Even though you want to engage with your potential clients, this does not mean that you have to make a bio that does not represent your company but rather just pleases everyone. Remember, we are not going to be like by everyone but, make sure that the people you are targeting DO like you.

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