What are Mukbangs and why are they taking the YouTube world by storm?

YouTube is such a powerful source for starting and setting trends, you would be amazed by how much you can convince people in YouTube with just a simple video.

Now, in this post I want to show you one of those trends that are really starting to stand out in the YouTube, social media and online entertainment world as well.

It is something called Mukbang. You are probably not familiarized with the term and there is no shame in that! I got familiarized with it just a while ago and since I want to help the world by making it a bit smarter, here is everything you need to know about this term.

What is it?

It basically is an eating show. Usually, it involves a lot of food. The host or hosts of the show proceed to eat all this food and while doing so, they interact with their audiences.

Why do people like it so much? Well, I will basically say it from my point of view. With all the stress that I have in life, watching these Mukbangs and hearing the eating show’s host talk about life stories, really does relief all the tension we have in real life. So, why not take advantage of this for your own well-being?

Where does the name actually come from?

I am guessing when you hear the name you ask yourself where it actually comes from as it does not sound like a name that comes from the English dictionary.

This is because the term actually became popular in South Korea and then it went from there.

I am guessing this is the reason why mukbangs have lots of Korean food themes.

What are the most successful Mukbangs?

Well, like I said before since this term comes from the Korean culture, obviously Korean themed mukbangs have really been a hit but, since this trend has already reached the American culture, mukbangs involving really popular food chains like in n out have really been a hit among its audiences.

I mean how can you not have success if you decide to buy 4 of the best burgers in the world and eat them in front of a camera while telling stories?

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