Why does your bathroom have to look plain and boring all the time? Here are some bathroom storing ideas!

I know what you are thinking. Why would a bathroom be fun anyways? Well, I don’t know about you, but I want the place that I tend to do number 1 and number 2 in to change a bit from once in a while so I don’t see the same plain 4 walls. If you just happen to own a very small space then you need to distribute your belongings well. Here are some storing ideas for your bathroom so you can do just that and maximize your space as much as you can.

Try using a ladder, not just any ladder, but one that has boxes incorporated


I think it is pretty obvious where this idea is going right? Since the space is small, you can see how using a small ladder with boxes where you can place stuff like cosmetics, feminine products, etc can come in handy to maximize your bathroom space.

Take advantage of your walls with floating shelves

People tend to forget how much of a space advantage do our walls represent. I mean, if the floor space is very little, then why not resort to using your walls AND floors? In these shelves you can place stuff like towels and many other things. You know what the best part of this idea is? That there are some shelves that can be either built by you if you are into that DIY type of deal or, you can get very cheap shelves at any local store so the possibilities my friend, are endless.

Coat hooks are not only meant for coats my friend

Guess what? If you are feeling a little crazy, adventurous and rebellious then, think about using those boring and plain coat hooks placed around your entrance and using them for your bathroom. Crazy right? Well these hooks obviously take very little bathroom space and you can place your towels on hem and also, they will look very chic in your bathroom so take advantage of that.

There are many cheap, affordable or DIY bathroom ideas but there are so many, I cannot tell them all in one tiny article.  Anyways, if you are around Vero looking for Vero Beach furniture stores, then Sandy’s furniture is definitely the place you should check out if you are wanting to turn your bathroom ideas into a reality.


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