Why Great Muscle Cars Are More Overpowered Than Sports Cars

1) Muscle Cars Have Persistent Designs

In all honesty, European sports cars are flooded with their high technology and overwhelming amount of buttons on the center console. This at times makes people get confused as they are unaware of how exactly to use the buttons and all the high-tech gadgets the car has. This is why many people opt for muscle cars. Muscle cars keep everything simple and show only the necessary. Also, muscle cars maintain their design simple, retro, and stylish that shows off a look that is timeless.


2) They Sound Much Better

European sports cars have a blender-like kind of noise which will automatically give you a headache that will last for days. Meanwhile, muscle cars sound like the roaring of a fierce and hungry lion which makes everyone shiver thanks to its fierceness. Where on earth do you find cars like that? Only muscle cars can give you the adrenaline you need while you are on the rode!


3) The Price

The price is an incredibly important factor to take in consideration whenever you purchase a car. The difference in pricing between muscle cars and European sports cars is ridiculously high. You can purchase a 2014 Chevy Camaro 1LS for approximately $24.000 while a BMW 6 series coupe can be purchased for as “low” as $80.000. Can you believe that? I was completely shocked when I realized the insanely large difference in pricing! It’s best to purchase the 2014 Chevy Camaro.


4) Better Customization

Ebay.com states: “Customization requires space. Muscle cars have a much better capability for installing different kinds of suspension, bumpers, transmission and engine parts. Not forgetting the interior. You can install all kinds of entertainment systems in your muscle car.

Moreover, European manufacturers do not produce many parts for customization. They even limit the body color which you can choose offering no chance of modifications”.

I have to definitely agree on this one! All the muscle cars I’ve seen are perfect for customization. By picking a European sports car you’re only limiting yourself as the customization is just as limited.


5) Muscle Cars Have the “Bad boy Look”

People these days have developed rebellious, carefree, and young spirit regardless of age and gender. In order to complete the bad boy look you will need the proper car to bring out its full potential! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a muscle car and enjoy life to the fullest and make people shiver with fear once they hear your car roar!

If none of this is quite convincing enough for you then I suggest giving it a test drive. You will be able to truly feel how amazing a muscle car is and you will most likely end up buying the perfect car. Even I want to run out of my house and purchase a muscle car! I’m slowly saving up money for my dream muscle car! See you next time and hopefully this article helped you a lot!

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